Brand Development


Business Proposal Drafting

If you are a new business or looking to expand, our professional copyrighting team and experience business professionals can assist in drafting up proposals to begin the next step in your journey.
A convincing, informative and honest business proposal is paramount to securing any much needed support, and you will have our full support in acquiring any such business.

Fit out

A front of house fit out has to represent your company, it has to exceed customer expectations and also be functional for the purpose of your business, we can assist with all aspects, from design to development.
Back of house fit outs need to adhere to work safety standards, they need to be functional and designed to optimise staff performance, Elements Advisory can sit down with you to design and implement any changes to your current back of house setup or if you’re a new business we can liaise between you and developers, and assist with the designs.


Uniforms improve a businesses customer service as well as brand awareness. Company uniforms make it easy for customers or clients to locate employees in a crowd, cutting down on response time. A uniform also creates a sense of belonging for your staff which is hard to achieve, so we can help with designing a suitable uniform which represents your brand perfectly.

Logo Design

If you are a new business, and have yet to create the key representation of your business/brand, then without the need for us to outsource, our media team can design a logo that shows your vision and brings to life a unique representation of your service.

Menu and recipe Development

Sometimes you may have all the boxes ticked, but all that is stopping your business from taking off is the construction of your menu, maybe its no appealing to your target audience, maybe there isn’t enough variation. Well, one thing that we can guarantee is that we can work with you to develop an eye-catching and customer retaining menu, as we have done many times before.

Menu Costing

Making sure you hit the fine line between profit and over pricing, we can calculate and integrate effective menu costing that will maximise your profit while appealing to the value of the product.

We understand every business is unique in its own way and has its own specific goals, with specific vision, not all business has the same problems, so we have constructed a fair pricing structure where you choose the services you want, after our assessment we will offer the services we think suits your budget and allows us to deliver on our promise.

Promotional offer - $150 p/w

for our social media optimisation package.

  • Optimise all social media platforms for ease of use for customers, and to clearly show what you have to offer.
  • Organised photoshoots, followed up with video shoots to generate fresh and engaging content for your business.
  • Create a schedule for these posts to upload across both Facebook and Instagram, with share ability and engaging content.
  • Use the professionally made videos to run a Facebook/insta AD campaign to generate more covers/sales.
  • Monitor and optimise this ad to reach your target audience.
  • Generate monthly reports.